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Ben Bergren

Mar 27, 2023

We come to the end of this series because it is the last Sunday in Lent. Today the story has a twist. Jesus is at the feet of others to remind of something important.

Mar 20, 2023

We continue on "At the Feet of Jesus" but this moment is different than all the rest. A woman named Mary is at the feet of Jesus to just be in his presence. Spending time with Jesus on a regular basis will minimize moments of anxiety and desperation.

Mar 6, 2023

In today's message, we hear of two people in one story who end up at the feet of Jesus for two different reasons. Whatever reason we come to Jesus, he will never reject us.

Feb 28, 2023

We begin a new sermon series: At the Feet of Jesus. We are looking at the various people who ended up at Jesus' feet. We begin with the Wisemen from the east.

Feb 28, 2023

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the journey to the empty tomb of Easter. God speaks of his intentions for us in Isaiah 61. He will take the ashes of our lives and make something beautiful of them.